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Free Bonus Codes for Slot Madness Casino

When it comes to playing at online casinos there is one area where they stand high above traditional brick and mortar venues. This is the number of bonuses that are given to the customers. At traditional establishments, the customers very rarely get a bonus that adds to their bankroll. They may get free food and drink and other benefits, but an increased bankroll is a rarity. At online places, such as Slot Madness Casino, bonus codes are a much more regular occurrence. Players are offered promos on a regular basis, this allows for a number of benefits to customers that would not normally be available.

Where to find Free Bonus Codes

When it comes to finding bonus codes, there are a few main ways that they can be found. Firstly, by looking at the casino homepage. When looking at Slot Madness Casino, for example, if they had any bonus codes available there would be a link to them available through the homepage. Other times loyal customers will receive them through newsletters. Another main way to find them is through a search engine. If you wanted to find a particular reward for Slot Madness you would just type the phrase "Slot Madness Casino bonus codes" into your favourite search engine and then you will be easily able to find the best promotions around. Otherwise, we do our best to list the best promos on our website.

How to Use the Promos

Once you have received your bonus code, your next step will be using it. It's a relatively simple task to use a promo, but it almost always requires you to make a deposit at the casino. When you are making your deposit you will see a box where you can enter the code. Alternatively, you may be entitled to a no deposit code for bonus cash or free spins for instance. The process is very much the same, although if you don't have a code to enter it may be applied automatically, or you'll need to contact support.

What Rewards are Given with Slot Madness Free Bonus Codes?

The rewards that players can earn from bonus codes are wide and varied. The first, and most common, reward is a matched bet. These usually tend to be a 100% matched bet, which means that whatever deposit you make will be totally matched. However, they can also be 25%, 50% or even 200%+ in some cases. In all of these cases, you will receive the percentage of your deposit credited to your account on top of your deposit. The second reward that is often given is free plays. These are usually applied to a video slot, depending on what the bonus code says it will either be for one slot in particular or can be used at any available slot. They can range from anything from 10 to 200 free plays and are usually tied in with the amount that you deposit. Less often the free plays can be used at table games, but this is a very big rarity. For those who deposit, sometimes there aren't even wagering requirements for some of the smaller bonuses.